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Pay attention to the maintenance of mechanical bearings
Now our society is in the era of rapid development of mechanization, the use of various machines is endless, such as mechanical bearings, which play an important role in many mechanical life, can help connect various mechanical parts, but also can help reduce the friction of the use of machinery. Therefore, it is also very important to maintain it well in daily life. Everyone should pay attention to the following points to help bring more use effects.

In order to ensure the long-term use of mechanical bearings, but also to maintain its proper performance, regular maintenance is necessary. The first thing to do is to do regular inspection. Regular inspection can help to find the existing faults in time and repair them as soon as possible. It can effectively prevent accidents, and also help to improve productivity and economic benefits.
When keeping it, the city should pay attention not to destroy the rust-proof coating on the outside when it was originally manufactured, which can help to effectively preserve, and if the place is preserved, it will not be too wet. The temperature should generally be kept at about 20 degrees, and it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight as far as possible. In addition, some objects with too low temperature are also included. It's better not to touch.
Cleaning bearings are also very critical, its main cleaning can be divided into two kinds, rough cleaning can be carried out with some cleaning tools to brush off the surface of the material, but pay attention to cleaning in oil must be cautious. And if it's cleaned, it's more exquisite. You can put it in oil and rotate it slowly. After all the cleaning, you need to coat it with rust-proof oil immediately, which can protect it from oxidation.