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How to correctly identify fake and inferior needle roller bearings
The production technology of products and the whole industry are developing, so the quality of products will certainly be improved, such as less needle roller bearings. But although the overall development is good, it can not prevent the appearance of fake and inferior bearing products in the market.
The harm of inferior needle roller bearings is obvious, which will not only cause equipment damage, but also affect the progress of the project. In order to avoid unnecessary economic losses in production, it is necessary to master the skills of correctly identifying fake and inferior needle roller bearings.
Most of the inferior needle roller bearings are produced in irregular production environment, so the manufacturing process of the product itself is certainly very bad, which shows that we can judge from the manufacturing process of needle roller bearings.
Secondly, the quality of needle roller bearings can also be seen from the outer packaging used. For example, as long as we carefully observe whether the manufacturer's label on the outer packing of needle roller bearings meets the complete standard, if it is incomplete, it means that the product quality does not meet the standard.
Next, we should pay attention to the problem of sales channels of needle roller bearing products. If we buy products from regular manufacturers, we seldom buy fake and inferior products. If we buy in some irregular or small markets, the probability of purchasing fake and inferior needle roller bearings will be greatly increased.
In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical level of needle roller bearing manufacturers. If the manufacturers are not mature in technology, they must not meet the requirements of bearing precision. As long as you master these points, you will not be afraid to buy fake needle roller bearings.