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Application Effect and Characteristics of Semi-circular Needle Roller Bearing
Semi-circular needle roller bearings are usually an indispensable part of the automotive industry. They are different from needle roller bearings not only in shape, but also in performance and function. So what happens after the semi-circular needle roller bearings are installed on the corresponding devices?
When semi-circular needle roller bearings are installed in the brakes of automobiles, the motion surfaces of concave and convex axles will not be worn out by frequent swings. That is to say, because the semi-circular needle roller bearing has a tough outer raceway, it can effectively resolve all kinds of strong impact force. When bearing pressure movement, the concave-convex axle does not contact directly, so it will not produce noise, nor will it produce high temperature. It effectively guarantees the safety of driving and prolongs the service life of the brake.
Compared with ordinary bearings, semi-circular needle roller bearings have obvious advantages, for example, they can maintain the bearing function under large load, while ordinary bearings can not do so, and their rotation will be hindered after being under heavy pressure. Because the cylindrical bodies with small diameter and dense arrangement in semi-circular needle roller bearings are in line contact, the contact force surface is large, the diameter of the roller is small and the rotation is flexible, and the average spreading pressure is greatly reduced under heavy pressure, so the rotation function of the roller bearings can not be affected at all.
Secondly, because the thin-walled steel plate is used as the outer raceway material while the inner raceway uses the original camshaft when designing the semi-circular needle roller bearing, its rolling body diameter is small and more installation space can be saved. Not only is the material special, but also the manufacturing technology of semi-circular needle roller bearing is special. Its shell is extruded by cold plate, and the surface is also treated by carbonitriding.
In this way, semi-circular needle roller bearings not only have strong hardness and wear resistance, but also have good toughness, which will not break and break when subjected to strong impact, and further extend their service life.