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Characteristics of Repair Pack for Needle Roller Bearing of Renault Automobile of Yinxin Company
Features of needle roller bearing repair kit for automobiles - mdash; & mdash; Introduction of Changzhou Yinxin Juchuang Automobile Bearing Factory:


Automotive bearing repair kit Automotive shock absorber bearing wholesale. The utility model provides a plane bearing for an automobile shock absorber, aiming at providing a new type of plane bearing with small running resistance, low energy consumption, wear-resistant working face, long service life, and can protect the bearing from moving at high speed and easy to use. It is composed of a clamping cage between upper and lower flat disc rings, and a roller on the inner surface of the upper and lower disc rings. A bearing core seat with core sleeve and chassis is installed in the inner ring of the upper and lower disc rings and the cage. A coupling convex platform is formed at the bottom shaft hole of the chassis of the bearing core base, and an outer sheath is installed at the outer ring of the upper, lower disc rings and the cage. Automotive shock absorber can also be used in other suitable parts of the new type of plane bearings.

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