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Characteristics and Advantages of Lithium-based Lubricating Grease for Automotive Needle Roller Bear
Characteristics and advantages of lithium-based grease for automobile hub bearings

Wheel bearings are usually replaced with grease during secondary maintenance. Secondary maintenance cycle is mainly determined by the quality of the brake mechanism, but the quality of grease is also a factor to be considered.

Using calcium-sodium base grease, the second-class accommodation period of Jiefang Truck is set at 50001 7000 kilometers. However, in the case of better driving conditions, it is possible to properly prolong the service life of wheel bearings with the use of better quality grease. For example, some vehicles 6L of the People's Liberation Army and the transportation system have extended the service life to 12000 or 18000 kilometers by using lithium grease.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and, for example, Beijing BK760 corridor buses use base grease, which extends their shelter life from 6000 km to 24000 km, and BJl30 buses from 6000 km to 30000 km. In this way, the consumption of grease is also reduced by one-half or more than two-thirds.