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Talking about what is one-way needle roller bearings for automobiles
Brief discussion on what is unidirectional bearing

One-way bearing is a bearing that can only rotate in one direction and lock in another direction. The metal shell of one-way bearing contains many rollers, needles or balls. However, the shape of the rolling seat rolls in one direction, and on the other hand, it produces great resistance.

Product characteristics.

When powder metallurgy bearings are used, the shaping and sintering industries combine metal powder beards and the process technology of making products. Based on the study of powder characteristics and process variation characteristics, the technology and process engineering are adopted, and the powder shape, properties and their organization are changed to form bearing products with different requirements.

GCr15 bearing steel is used for solid one-way bearings. After heat treatment, the hardness is HRC61-65. The bearing is small in size and has high load-carrying capacity. It has enough space for storage and lubrication, and it is likely to have a long lubrication interval.

Powder metallurgy one-way bearings and solid one-way bearings can completely lock the drive shaft when it is driven, thus avoiding the problem of inadequate locking performance of traditional stamping outer ring one-way bearings.