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Safety Production Rules in Bearing Production
Safety production has always been the main emphasis of industrial enterprises, because no matter what process is carried out in the factory, it is dangerous. If there is no good production rules in bearing production, it is impossible to make better products, which is still the case in bearing production.

Safety production is very important in the assembly and operation of rolling bearings. Especially for the staff who operate the press, they must operate according to the safety operation rules in order to ensure personal safety and equipment intact. Pressure machinery in bearing assembly, especially eccentric press, has fast rotation speed, and the punch slider can be reset only through the lower dead point, which is very dangerous. In the accidents occurring between bearing assemblies, the accident rate of press is relatively high, which should be paid enough attention to.

Kerosene or gasoline are often used in bearing assemblies. Fire prevention and fire prevention should also be vigilant at all times. Civilized production is also a very important part of factory management, the management level of a modern enterprise. It directly affects the quality of factory products, the operation and operation of machinery and equipment, the accuracy and life of clamps and measuring tools, and the exertion of workers'operation skills.

Especially for the collective working occasion of bearing assembly process, people operate under the conditions of semi-manual, semi-mechanical, half-brainpower and Half-physical force, and civilized production is very important. When we produce bearings, we must pay attention to the above mentioned civilized production and safe production, which we must pay attention to.