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How to Select a High Quality Cylindrical Roller Bearing Manufacturing Plant
Cylindrical roller bearings have the characteristics of easy installation and disassembly, shock resistance, good rigidity, and can generally be displaced quantitatively in the axial direction, and can not be subjected to axial load alone. It should be applied to automobile gearbox, automobile reducer assembly, agricultural machinery and so on. The quality required for cylindrical roller bearings is also high. What do we need to look at when we choose a high quality cylindrical roller bearing manufacturer? Now let's clarify it.
Xiaobian believes that a good manufacturer of cylindrical roller bearings should start with the quality of products, followed by the cost. Next, let's see if Saixiang bearings can meet these two requirements. In terms of starting quality, the production control of Xiangxiang bearing is based on TS/ISO16949:2009 management system. Secondly, Saixiang bearings have the preconditions of origin, mass supply of raw materials, low labor cost and sufficient power resources, so it is comparable to other manufacturers in cost.
Cylindrical roller bearings manufacturer Saixiang Automotive Bearings has devoted ten years to the research and development and manufacture of automobile bearings. It is closely related to the supplier of automobile bearings. Saixiang Automotive Bearings manufacturer is a production-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and OEM business. Hotline: 400-665-8676